Private Investigator Services

Private Investigator Services Offered by Seventh Crow Investigations are limited in scope to provide you with a more professional experience. We like to offer out clients more of a result than a service.

Quality Results

Our goal is to create result driven cases for our clients in a timely fashion. Most agencies offer every investigative service there is and list can be long and tedious for you to determine how your cases fits. However at SCI we offer a tailoring to your needs based on your situation. Each investigation and client is unique. Call to get an evaluation on your case today. 941-200-3131


The investigators at SCI have years of experience as former law enforcement officers in Florida working in an undercover capacity. Our investigators have been perfecting their craft for decades, both in the public and private sectors. They operate discreetly, avoiding the eye of the public.

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Unique And Groundbreaking Surveillance Techniques

Working smarter not harder our group is using techniques used in previous applications for years only now available to the private investigations profession.

private investigator services
Perfecting Information Gathering

Gathering information is usually our key task. We have perfected the art. Investigators operating within the limits of the law have learned how to gather hard to get information through various means.

Security Risk Consulting

All of us here at Seventh Crow come a wide array of backgrounds which all involved the understanding of how the criminal mind works and what steps individuals and corporations should take to mitigate access to their personal and private property. We offer solutions. Contact us today.

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Tracking for special cases (within the Florida Law)

Using a tracking device on a vehicle is a faster more efficient way to gather information for an investigation. We offer several GPS tracking options. All of which are in accordance with Florida law.


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