Become A Private Investigator

 Become a Private Investigator in Florida: Your Path to a Thrilling Career Private investigators play a crucial role in uncovering hidden truths and solving mysteries. In Florida, this profession is not just intriguing but also in demand. Here’s a guide on how to become a private investigator in the Sunshine State.

Understanding the Role Of A Private Investigator

Private investigators in Florida are responsible for conducting research, gathering evidence, and offering their insights to clients. Their work can involve various areas, from surveillance to background checks.

Become A Private Investigator

Educational Requirements

While a high school diploma suffices, a degree in criminal justice or a related field can give you an edge in the competitive field of private investigation. It is wise to have a degree in Criminal Justice to help you better understand the investigative field.

Become A Private Investigator

Private Investigator Licensing in Florida

Florida law mandates private investigators to obtain a license. This involves meeting specific criteria, including age, citizenship, and a clean criminal record.

Gaining Experience

Securing a job as a trainee or working in a related role, such as law enforcement, is a practical way to gain experience in the field. If you become a law enforcement officer working as a “real detective” will give you a better understanding of investigations.

Preparing for the Exam

To acquire a private investigator license in Florida, you’ll need to pass an exam. Prepare diligently by using recommended study materials and resources. I highly recommend PI Prep. The link is here. They offer great study materials.

Application Process

Navigating the application process involves submitting the required documents, paying fees, and adhering to waiting periods. The Florida Department of Agriculture has a great website with tons of information that can help you along the way. They also have wonderful customer service agents that you can speak to, via the telephone for further information. Here is a link

If you need even more information or assistance you can make an appointment at anyone of their offices to questions answered.

Maintaining Your License

Continuing education is essential to keep your license current. Stay updated with evolving regulations and best practices. There are several other licenses you should obtain. To include The G license and the D License. These require training and may come in handy during your career.

Building a Career

Private investigators in Florida can work for agencies or establish their own businesses. The career offers potential for income growth and job security. You may start as intern, or you might get hired on with a reputable agency. My recommendation is look for an agency with opportunity and growth.

There are several agencies that do a constant stream of Insurance Fraud Investigations that are most always looking for investigators.

Networking and Resources

Forge connections within the industry by networking with other private investigators and joining relevant organizations in Florida. Florida offers a few Private Investigations Associations. The Magazine Working PI also is a great resource to read.


Becoming a private investigator in Florida is an exciting journey that combines your investigative skills with a passion for uncovering the truth. By following these steps, you can embark on a rewarding career in this field.